What Does Natural, Organic, and Clean Skincare Mean?

The terms "natural," "organic," and "clean" are tossed around so regularly that the beauty industry is almost confused because no one really knows the difference. Everyone has their own definitions and meanings. We at Skin Story believe that clean beauty means that your products are safe and non-toxic.

We believe our products should be safe, but also effective. This article will explain what natural, organic, and clean beauty products mean to us.

Organic Skincare

The basic meaning of the term "organic" refers to being grown or raised without chemicals and pesticides. This concept became popular when people started noticing the side effects of adding chemicals to their products.

How does it relate to beauty products?

The word "organic" describes how a plant is grown, and it's essential to know that including plant-based ingredients in your products can make a difference to your skin. The organic elements in your skincare routine does not have to include pesticides and chemical residue that some other products might have.

Natural skincare

Natural skincare implies that a product is made with naturally derived ingredients. For example: Natural color to make a lipstick red (possibly fruit pigments). However, there is a lot of vagueness to this term and the "natural" tag isn't perfect. A Lot of brands claim to have naturally derived ingredients but that could be 1 or 2 out of 50, so the term is broadly used and therefore a lot of labels are being greenwashed. This makes people believe that their products are ‘natural’. However, there are probably only a few ingredients that are natural and the rest are chemically derived.

Clean Beauty

Clean beauty is all about safety over source. Clean to us means that the products are non toxic and won't cause any harm to your skin or the environment. We have a blacklist of ingredients that we do not use in our products. Ingredients like parabens, silicons, sulfates, talc, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances and plastic beads. Clean means products that are better for you and your skin with no side effects. Our products have some botanical ingredients that have active properties and act as anti-inflammatories and antioxidants when used on your skin.

Last words

Now that you know the differences between natural, organic, and clean beauty you're all set to choose safe, healthy, and effective products. Skin story believes in delivering clean beauty products for all skin types and skin tones. We at skin story deliver clean, non-toxic, and safe products for your skin. We aim to redefine the meaning of beauty without harming ourselves and the environment.