Our Story


Like many stories, ours was born out of need. We’re two sisters with two different skin types, who had no real access to beauty products that suited us. Rashi Sethi has sensitive skin and found it challenging to find chemical-free cosmetics that don’t cause her allergies. Nidhi Sethi has great skin but found it almost impossible to find the right shade and product for her skin colour.

Our story is one that women can understand, and can relate to. Skin Story is for women with all skin tones looking for non-toxic beauty products.

Skin Story creates clean and simple makeup solutions for all skin tones, without compromising quality.

We are on a mission to provide the tools of self-acceptance through clean beauty, with a focus on all skin tones. With clean ingredients and products that are globally accessible, we aim to redefine what it means to be beautiful.

Nidhi Sethi

 “Growing up in the Middle East, I have always admired this region’s appreciation of aesthetics and beauty care. Coming from a business background and with the growing beauty industry, Skin Story Clean Beauty is made up of a team of  product experts and strategic business experts who aim to establish “futuristic beauty” within the Middle East. Being brown-skinned has always been challenging, and the need for women like me to be catered to has created our brand.”

Rashi Sethi

“Being allergic to chemically formulated beauty products from a young age, non-toxic beauty products have always been a focal point in my life.
Having researched this market, I quickly realized clean cosmetics have tremendous untapped potential. Skin Story Clean Beauty will aim to capture this gap in the market and in time be the market leaders for clean cosmetics in the Middle East”