Make Over Your Makeup Bag: Clean Beauty Products

Cleaning up your makeup bag has become much easier, because there are no more compromises on texture, pigments and packaging, with a wide range of colors. Skip the usage of ingredients such as parabens, artificial dyes, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances; instead, sit back and understand how clean beauty products are changing the beauty landscape.

  • Everyday moisturizer

Moisturizing your skin on a daily basis reduces the chances of dryness on your skin. Moisturizers are infused with ingredients to help your skin soothe, protect and plump. No wonder why our skin story 'Bare' multistick is a massive hit among women and men. Armed with anti-aging properties, it comes with SPF 50 for sun protection and immediately melts upon application. Our Bare multistick embraces your natural beauty on days when you feel lazy to put on your makeup.

  • Prettiest cheek tint

Dab or brush on your cream blush that goes onto your cheeks and blend slightly upward for a chiseling effect. The pigmented blush, our Legacy Multistick is designed for a clean conscious look. It is a perfect pigment that leaves the most gorgeous and dewy veil on your cheeks.

  • Pop of color for your eyelids

Depending on how many colors you want for your eyes, our Bold and legacy multistick gives you a simple yet gorgeous gleamy wash of color that delivers a beautiful look for every occasion.

  • All about lipstick

We've been obsessed with legacy being an everyday-wearable creamy, lightweight formula lipstick. For that cashmere-soft gorgeous feeling, we can't get enough of a freshly polished look with a single stroke.

While pairing Bold for your unique glam-up nights, you get that natural brown shade that's easy to apply on a range of different skin tones. Don't forget to add in your makeup bag!


Pare down your makeup bag with exclusively clean beauty products to eliminate unwanted ingredients that could harm your skin. Skin story multisticks are an all in one clean makeup stick that every woman needs in her beauty collection.