The Ultimate Guide to Clean Beauty

The Ultimate Guide to Clean Beauty

The essence of clean beauty comes from a skin routine with safe, and non toxic ingredients. Clean beauty is a spectrum for beauty products; the research has to regulate how brands use these words in fake marketing. The definition of clean beauty varies from brand to brand, making it nearly impossible to decipher and hide the world from greenwashing. Here, we are to break down the most commonly used words to you some more genuine information in this article.

What does clean mean to us?

Clean means safe for people and nature; a beauty product should consider human health and mother earth, using non toxic ingredients as a core.

For example, do we relate to food?

Yes, eating clean means rejecting processed and unhealthy food (junk food) but focusing on results delivering vitamins and antioxidants needed for the immune and digestive system, the same in turn for clean skincare or beauty products.

We at Skin story, an online store of clean beauty in UAE, focus on eliminating as many toxins as possible in our daily products, while the product still doing “what it says it does.”

We have our blacklist of ingredients:


The most common ingredient is used in eyeshadows and face powder. The problems from talc cause ovarian cancer and mesothelioma (an aggressive and deadly form of cancer.)


Parabens are a bunch of preservatives and various chemicals that prevent the growth of disgusting things like bacteria and molds into beauty products to keep for more extended time on the skin.


Silicones make your skin look dull and dehydrated. It damages the natural processes that make you off-balance and skin unstable, typically causing wrinkles.

Plastic beads

Plastic beads are small particles such as microbeads made typically from plastic which are deliberately added to skincare products to refine the glow and act as a filler.

Bottom line

Fulfilling your desire doesn't mean harming yourself by using conventional beauty products for your favorite look, but switching to clean beauty products that are safe, vegan, and non-toxic. We are an entirely online Clean beauty store in UAE offering clean beauty products suitable for your skin. Do not forget to connect with us to find the beauty in you.

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