After-Party Skin Routine

After-Party Skin Routine

Coming back home after having a busy work day or attending a beautiful party would make you even more tired, and of course, when all we see is a tempting bed, we want to jump right in!

Before you hit your bed, follow our quick nighttime skincare routine and wake up looking fresh. Clean beauty skincare at night is essential because it removes all the dirt, sweat, and active particles on your party face.

  • Take off your makeup

Your makeup makes you feel elegant and beautiful all day, but it can also be your biggest nightmare if you do not remove your makeup before you sleep. And this is practically your first step in a clean beauty night skincare routine.

Stay clear from a chemical ladder and switch to cruelty-free micellar cleansing water. The ingredients are free from artificial fragrance and dyes and contain purified water and vitamin C, which smoothies and hydrates your skin.

  • Cleanse your party-face

A refreshing, nourishing face wash will be your best partner in cleansing your face and clearing your skin of all the impurities collected during the day. We suggest using a gentle, soap-free formula for your clean night skin routine. This helps remove extra dirt and excess sebum leaving your skin fresh.

  • Apply a moisturizer

Bare multistick is a perfect go-to formula infused with moisturizing and anti-aging properties for soft and supple skin in the morning.

Bare multistick can also be used on no-makeup makeup days. It contains many benefits as it is formulated with castor oil and moringa oil; it includes SPF 50 for added protection. Its lightweight formula quickly melts into the skin without making your skin feel oily or greasy.

  • Don't forget your eyes

Neglecting your eye cream may be as bad as skipping using a face wash. The skin around your eyes is the most sensitive on your body. A clean eye cream that best fits your skin is crucial to help minimize fine lines. It will also help keep your skin hydrated overnight.

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