The Right Way to Apply Mascara for Maximum Length & Volume

The Right Way to Apply Mascara for Maximum Length & Volume

Your eyes aren't complete without mascara. Undoubtedly, anyone feels more feminine with beautiful lashes. Mascara is also used as the perfect finishing touch to your face, when applied correctly. In this article, you will learn how to apply mascara in the most effective way possible.

Step one: Clean your lashes

The first step while applying mascara is cleaning your lashes. There could be eyeliner/ mascara left over from the previous night. It's always better to have clean lashes before applying mascara to it.

Pro tip: Use coconut oil to remove your mascara as it's the easiest way to moisturize your eyelashes.

Step two: Get the right mascara.

Mascara works in multiple ways, the most common is to add length and volume to your eyelash. For the right mascara, you must pick up the right ingredients and include clean elements that are non-toxic and harmful to eyes.

Step three: Apply the Mascara.

When applying the mascara the mascara wand and brush are very important. The type of brush will determine the outcome of the mascara.

The most versatile mascara wand is the curved wand which helps in curling your lashes while adding length and volume.

Curled lashes make the eyes look bigger, as a result you look fresher.

Wrapping up

As with most beauty products, less is more. A minimum of 2 coats can give a fuller, and more natural look. We at skin story believe in clean ingredients in every product, so choose your ingredients wisely.

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