Here's How to Store Your Makeup Products Correctly for Summer to Make them Last Longer

Here's How to Store Your Makeup Products Correctly for Summer to Make them Last Longer

With long-lasting days and hot temperatures, the hottest month is here. As we take care of our skin, it's imperative to take care of our makeup products. Isn't it?

Summers are known for miserable heat waves that are a leading factor in destroying our best beauty staples. Thus, it's essential to understand how to store your makeup products, and these tips will help you keep your makeup properly:

  • Store in a cool and dry place.

It simply means storing or keeping the product in a place with lower temperatures or nearly room temperature and is free from exposure to any humidity. The low humidity prevents the accumulation of moisture on the product's surface. Moisture accumulation enhances microbial growth. The temperature at 22 C or below, slows down the development of microbes.

  • To store never in the Sun.

It is essential to keep products away from the sunlight to avoid the UV rays and sun exposure that impacts the efficiency of the products by adapting the formula such as splitting and oxidation, which reduces the shelf life of the products.

  • To store in a clean drawer.

Ensure that your makeup products are not in your bathroom but in a clean drawer. While storing in bathrooms, the hot shower forms bacteria development within your plates, beauty blenders, and brushes. Instead, use a clean makeup drawer or chest drawers ideal for storing makeup and skincare products that aren't placed near the window either; because it is easy for UV rays to come in.

How hygienically is your makeup treated?

You often get ready with your sister, mother, and your friends. In this case, you ensure that the makeup products you share can lead to cross-contamination, infections, and other skin effects such as acne. Here are some measures that will help you treat your makeup products better and cleaner.

  • Always sanitize before using your makeup products.
  • Use clean beauty products which you can share and are not infected.
  • Use sanitizing wipes for lipsticks and liners for your makeup tools.

Last words

It is essential to know how to keep your makeup products safe thus, for the best option, use clean beauty products that are not harmful and safe for your skin.

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