Get Ready for Summer with Clean Beauty

Get Ready for Summer with Clean Beauty

With longer days and the weather getting warmer, summer is almost here. A shift from sweaters and boots to shorts and sandals, your skin also needs to be ready to adapt to the changing temperature, environment, and its relative effects, as winter certainly has taken its toll on our skin. Moving out from the cold season where our skin gets dry, rough, and scaly, it is essential to prep our skin for the summer season as it takes time for your skin to adjust from a cooler climate to hot and humid temperatures. This can lead to dull skin and can cause premature wrinkles. We have some fantastic tips to help your skin get from dull and dry to plump and rejuvenated.

Tips to get ready for Summer with Clean Beauty

  • Use a good moisturizer

Your skin gets dry in the winter season, and it takes some time to get back to “normal”. Use a good moisturizer, particularly on the areas of your skin where you sense dryness and patchy or flaky skin. Our bare Multistick is perfect for transferring your skin into clean beauty and has moisturizing properties which are easy to apply and have SPF50 that is definitely an added bonus

  • Create magic on your skin

There is a vast difference between regular beauty products and clean beauty products. Clean beauty literally creates magic on your skin as with a few swipes of our Bare Multistick your skin will instantly feel revived and with safe, non-toxic, and vegan friendly ingredients, you can be at ease knowing it's an effortless ritual that will have lasting effects.

  • Get along with clean ingredients.

Clean beauty is synonymous with non-toxic beauty and adding chemicals on your face can harm your skin. It is essential to protect our skin from UV rays during the summer season. Our Multisticks Bare has SPF50 which protects your skin from the sun. Clean beauty is a more natural beauty, green beauty, and indulges in products that don't risk your health and protects your skin.

Tips to get ready for Summer with Clean Beauty

Let's make the change now to revive and rejuvenate our skin not just for summer but to prepare it for all seasons to come.

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