Does a Product Need to Be All-Natural to Be Clean?

Does a Product Need to Be All-Natural to Be Clean?

If we try to explain it in short words, it is NO. An all-natural product can be clean, but synthetic ingredients can also be considered clean. There is no one specific definition today for what clean beauty really is.

Our definition of clean beauty is having no harmful ingredients in the formula and being completely transparent about what is in our products. We believe in non toxic beauty for your health, as well as for the environment. Clean does not always mean natural and natural doesn't always mean it's good for you.

Here is the list of our favorite products that are clean:

  • Prep and mattify with ultimate booster- Bare Multistick

Our Bare multistick is a moisturizer that has a SPF of 50. It also makes your skin super soft and helps to blur pores. It can be used as a moisturizer or as a primer. It can also be used on its own as a 2 in 1 moisturizing stick. It contains castor oil and moringa oil which hydrates your skin. It is non toxic and safe to use for people even with sensitive skin.

  • The OMG pop of color on your face- Legacy Multistick

Use your fingers or a brush and blend legacy onto your cheeks, eyes and even use it as lipstick. The perfect cream-to-powder finish. An easy-wearing and incredibly versatile formula, our multistick warms up your face and works on all types of skin tones. Our legacy multistick is formulated with avocado oil (famous for the highest concentration of minerals and vitamins) and Japonica oil (familiar with the skin and enriched with essential fatty acid), which is beneficial in adding a pretty finish to your complexion.

  • For all the rich and party look- Bold multistick

The luxuriously whipped lightweight texture is created for that rich party look. It has a cream-to-powder finish and is highly pigmented that can be used on your lips, eyes, cheeks and even as a contour stick. It truly is perfect for an all rounder Look. Our Bold multistick delivers a gorgeous pigment that flatters every skin tone on any occasion.

Over to you

At the end of the article, We hope you know the difference between clean beauty and natural beauty. We believe everyone should read the ingredients label before purchasing their next product and be well informed as to what is going onto their skin and into their body.

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