Ditch the Drama, Glow with Nature: DIY Clean Beauty Recipes & Minimalist Multistick Magic!

Calling all Dubai divas who crave a radiant complexion without harsh chemicals! Let's learn some DIY magic and embrace a minimalist makeup look that's kind to your skin and the planet.

DIY Delights for Dewy Dreams:

  • Honey & Oat Scrub:This gentle exfoliator helps you overcome dullness, and reveals a naturally brighter you. Combine 2 tablespoons of honey (local is best!) with 1 tablespoon ground oats. Massage your face in circular motions, avoiding the delicate eye area. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.
  • Avocado & Yogurt Mask: Creamy and nourishing, this mask hydrates and soothes your skin. Mash half an avocado with 1 tablespoon plain yogurt. Apply to your face for 15 minutes, then rinse with cool water. Hello, supple skin!
  • Rosewater Toner: Refresh and tone your skin with this simple DIY mist for long lasting hydration. Combine 1/2 cup rosewater which is soothing and fragrant! with 1/4 cup witch hazel astringent with benefit of pore-minimizing. Store in a spray bottle and spritz throughout the day for a dewy boost before any makeup or stay at home hydrated skin.

Minimalist Makeover with Multistick Magic:

Okay, so you've pampered your skin with nature's finest, but still want a touch of polish? Enter the Skin Story Multisticks Channel your inner makeup artist with these pocket-sized powerhouses! Skip the complex routines and achieve a sun-kissed glow with the Bold Multistick or a dewy, natural flush with the Bare Multistick. These versatile wonders are your secret weapon for a minimalist yet stunning look.

Apply the multistick lightly, blending it seamlessly for a natural finish. No need for endless layers or cakey foundation – your radiant skin is the star of the show!

Bonus Tip: Finish your look with a light dusting of powder using the Skin Story Powder Brush or opt for their Set of All 4 Brushes for even more brushy goodness. Remember, less is more!

So ditch the harsh chemicals and embrace the power of DIY and minimalist makeup. Your skin (and the planet) will thank you for it! Now go forth and glow, Dubai divas!

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