The Skin Routine for Healthy-Glowy No-Makeup Makeup

The Skin Routine for Healthy-Glowy No-Makeup Makeup

Regardless of how strong your relationship with makeup products is, the no-makeup makeup look would be the best for healthy glowing skin. Looking for the best makeup products in your skin routine for a healthy and beautiful glowing no-makeup look is most likely what you are searching for.

You don't need several products to create healthy glowy no-makeup makeup. We will guide you with what we think you need:

  • A moisturizer is a life savior.

Moisturizer is an integral part of your skin routine, and it should be applied immediately after a shower and especially when you decide to step out of your house. Our Bare multistick comes with SPF 50 with moisturizing and anti-aging properties for all skin types (combination, dry, normal, oily, and sensitive) and skin tones to protect your skin.

Bare instantly soothes and nourishes the skin with all-day hydration to make your skin soft and supple . It has the magic of working as a lip balm, primer, moisturizer and sun protection all in one, and that's why we call it Bare multistick.

  • Blush perks up your complexion.

A little pop of color on your cheeks is pleasant when you don't want to look over the top. Blushes are the second step in your healthy glowing skin routine, and it blends onto the apples of your cheeks and can energize your complexion.

Our Legacy multistick is infused with long-lasting pigments for all-day wear. Apply on your cheeks and a little on your nose to get the combined effect. Glide the Legacy stick on your cheeks and blend with your fingers or brush for an airbrushed flawless no-makeup make up look. It creates the most radiant, beautiful, and rosy flush on your cheeks.

  • A simple eyeshadow on your eyelids.

Not every eyeshadow has to be glittery; some days are set to be no-makeup or lazy sleeping days where you apply a simple eyeshadow on your eyelids to get that fresh look.

It could be expensive if you go to purchase a whole eyeshadow palette. But, here the Legacy and Bold multistick, delivers a healthy-looking flush of color for your eyes.

  • Lipstick to slay all-day.

Have you decided to step out without lipstick?

Hell, no. Lipsticks add an ultimate glow to your skin in just one swipe. Skin story Legacy multistick is perfect for the look on your no-makeup days. Designed for the clean conscious legacy provides light, rosy vibes for your healthy routine. It includes avocado, marula, and camellia japonica seed oil that leaves your lips soft and dewy!

Final thoughts

By following this routine, your healthy skin will be ready to glow in a clean way. Skin Story believes in clean, non-toxic, and vegan makeup products.

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