Skin Story Clean Beauty Father’s Day Gift Idea

Skin Story Clean Beauty Father’s Day Gift Idea

Let’s break the stereotype

Need some Father’s Day gift ideas? Or want to gift dad a thoughtful and personal gift for Father’s Day? Read on to find the best gift for every type of dad and for those who act as dads.

Does the man you’re celebrating this month get a kick out of coaching Saturday morning football practice? Can he always be found directing from the sidelines of a baseball game? Or simply too busy to care for his skin? Skin Story MultiStick Bare with SPF 50 is the best gift you can get not only will heappreciate it, but his skin will love it too. This hydrating MultiStick will leave his skin rejuvenated after a long day of (second-hand activities!

Amongst the busy lives our great dads have, they hardly get the window to give time to themselves, let alone skin care, isn’t it? With Father’s Day around the corner, no better gift than Skin Story Clean Beauty Bare MultiStick, rather than the old cliché presents, pamper your dad with some TLC for their skin.

Set him up with a skincare regimen with the Skin Story’s Bare every Morning Men’s, because our dads need some indulgence too.

Skin Story Clean Beauty breaks the Stereotype and hopes to normalize men’s grooming. Let’s encourage men to care for their skin without being judged.

Here’s a fun and simple skincare routine that we devised for you and your father to indulge in this Father’s Day. Follow this CEM (Cleanse – Exfoliate – Moisturize) Face Routine and spend some quality time with the man who means the world to you. An easy and completely hassle-free skincare regimen, this trend has caught the attention of many owing to its quick and effective results.

Happy Father’s Day!

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