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Old-School Beauty Tricks That Still Work Today

Old-School Beauty Tricks That Still Work Today

There are tons of beauty tricks and trends rolling out every week, but there are some basic and classic ones that never get old, and we tend to stick to them. Every day, a new beauty product is introduced in the industry, but deciding what suits you best is essential. Let's go back to some old school remedies:

  • Olive oil hydrates your skin and removes your makeup

From our Grandmas to our moms, our go-to oil for removing makeup was olive oil. It is applied with cotton balls, followed by a mild cleanser. For now, it might be strange for upcoming generations, but it does work and keeps your skin super hydrated.

Olive oil contains antioxidants and vitamins like A, D, K, and E, with an exceedingly high capacity for squalane, promoting skin health.

  • Rosemary is the solution for hair growth.

This is the organic DIY trick that most celebrity beauty specialists use. When you were a kid, your mom would put rosemary leaves in your shampoo, which leads to hair growth. In a recent study, rosemary oil was just as effective as minoxidil ( the most active ingredient in Rogaine) in stimulating hair growth.

  • Silk pillowcases can eliminate your frizziness.

Did you know this DIY hack or beauty tip?

Silk pillows allow your hair to move freely as you toss and turn at night. Comparatively, other fibers tend to break the hair, resulting in frizzy locks, split ends, and damage that creates a mess to handle the following day.

  • A light tease while you wake up could prevent your oily scalp.

This is a beauty tip that can save your oily scalp. When your hair is dry, consider doing a very light tease on your hair, this will reduce your natural oil accumulating quicker on your scalp.

  • Coconut oil- A DIY hair mask

Using coconut oil is a natural mask for your hair to hydrate and moisturize. However, ensure you shampoo your hair well to remove the oil. We say coconut hair oil is a simple trick and a DIY hair mask. But you should be precautious, not washing the oil off properly can also be damaging to your hair.

So, the main question is, is anyone still practicing these old school methods?

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