Non-toxic and Eco-Friendly Practices Within Clean Beauty

Non-toxic and Eco-Friendly Practices Within Clean Beauty

Clean beauty to us means non-toxic and eco-friendly. For any consumer it becomes difficult to adapt to new habits, but what if we say that the new patterns are much cleaner for the skin and for our environment?

What does Non-toxic & Eco-friendly mean in clean beauty?

The words ‘non-toxic’ means no nasty harmful ingredients found in clean beauty products. ‘Eco-friendly’ makes a brand sustainable, Caring for the environment as well as your skin.

  • Using packaging which can be recycled

Making dynamic and reusable packaging is what we believe is Eco-friendly. Clean beauty brands are starting to be effective for people and for nature as well. It is good to see how brands have diverged their packaging style and incorporated recycling.

  • Your Environment matters

The beauty industry is rapidly changing towards making the best products by adding clean ingredients. Brands like us are on a mission to generate Non-toxic, sustainable and even more so vegan and cruelty-free products. This avoids using harmful components not only for humans but for the environment too.

  • Only clean ingredients

Clean ingredient must be labeled and contain only safe, non-toxic, ingredients, ensuring they are better for your skin

  • Banning Toxic and unsafe ingredients.

We at Skin Story ensure that ingredients such as Silicone, Mineral oil, wax or Talc do not even come close to our products.

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