Is Talc Safe to Use in Makeup

Is Talc Safe to Use in Makeup

What is Talc?

Talc is a substance and is used in everything from paints to textiles, drugs and makeup. It is a white powdery substance that when applied to the skin doesn’t disappear but leaves a white residue. 30 years ago, when beauty was considered “white” people used to apply it as makeup to whiten their complexion.

Now more and more people are aware of the risks and are no longer claiming “white” is beauty.

Is Talc Safe to Use in Makeup?

Talc also known as Talcum powder which is the most common ingredient used in makeup products such as eyeshadow, blush, foundations and creams.

Talc adds a soft, silky texture which dilutes pigmented products and acts as filler.

Is Talc safe in the cosmetics world?

It depends on the skin type however, those with sensitive skin can find some irritation and itchiness. According to our research people find it irritates their skin when it is used and clogs up pores that produce sebaceous glands that produce natural sebum acting as a barrier to support the skin from UV light and sun.

Not all talc products are of high risk, but for the skin safety of our consumers, we don’t use Talc in our ingredients. Ultimately, there is no conclusion from all the research, but Talc has more side effects than benefits so it's better to be safe and love the skin you’re in. Many concerns occur mainly using talc as asbestos exposure and increase the risk of cancer.

Summing up

Today more people want a natural glow, and they don’t want to look covered up. We want your beauty to come through your makeup, naturally. We believe in make-up acting as ‘second skin’.

At Skin story we believe in 100% consumer safety by letting them avoid harmful and toxic elements that affect their skin and body.

Whether you believe fully in the clean beauty movement or not, there are certain aspects you can adopt. Every little change in time will go a long way, Trust us your skin will thank you for it!

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